Baby Album - Basic Edition 2.15

Baby Album - Basic Edition 2.15: Create a complete baby album for your child and share it with your loved ones This software lets you create a complete multimedia baby album for your child by adding pictures, drawings, video clips and even audio clips directly into your pages. Discover over 40 pages organized in chapters to fill in as your child grows. In a few clicks of your mouse, you can create your child`s web site and publish it to the Internet, export your baby album to make CD-ROMs you can give to your loved ones or print it on paper.

The Samurai Code Better Behavior Wheel 2.0: Create consistent consequences and rewards for children needing discipline.
The Samurai Code Better Behavior Wheel 2.0

Easily and effectively create consistent consequences and rewards for children with behavior issues. This interactive, multimedia program "hooks" your child`s attention with it`s spinning behavior wheel and performance based points system. This award winning software engages your child with exciting Avatars (hero icons) and Samurai Warrior images along with The Code of The Samurai`s seven codes of honorable behavior.

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BunnyMath (For PocketPC) 1.0: A fun way for children to learn math.  The pocketPC version actually speaks.
BunnyMath (For PocketPC) 1.0

children improve their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. BunnyMath includes two modes of learning: `BunnyBop` and `Classroom`. BunnyBop is designed to be a fun way to prepare the child for the math problems they will see in the `Classroom` mode. The child taps on the bunny that displays the correct answer to the math problem. After 10 correct answers, the child is rewarded with one of several fun animations. The Classroom

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Mix N Match 1.1

CHILD FRIENDLY-PARENT CONTROLLED-COMPUTER SAFE: Giving your child a head start! Three matching memory games for kids & parents with great options and graphics. Just learning to smack the mouse or already a computer whiz, this program is for them! Once the program starts, nothing else can be accessed without parental intervention. Clever interface designing maximizes the clickable area and can be changed to the skill level of your child. Child Friendly

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SafetyBrowser 1.3: Choose websites your children can visit and block unsafe websites.
SafetyBrowser 1.3

If you`re worried about the types of websites your children are visiting you should use this app to limit their access to the internet. You choose what websites your child can visit. The app creates a colorful homepage for your child with screenshots of each of their websites. It then limits their use of the internet to only websites you have allowed. Any links to outside websites are blocked.

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child can memorize the multiplication facts with the help of MULTIMONSTER. If you are a parent who wants his or her child do better with multiplication, or if you are a teacher who is teaching her students the multiplication facts, this is a great tool to consider. Mastery of the multiplication facts puts your child in a position of advantage at school. HOW DOES IT WORK? The MULTIMONSTER software is based on an innovative visual memory technique

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Relationship Builder 1.2: Relationship Builder easily creates a text file that displays an association
Relationship Builder 1.2

child documents . It creates parent fields and child fields as well as show the parent child relationship based on a particular field. Create parent and child fields in any position (i.e. column) of the text file. Choose to edit the name of the fields as you create them. Automatically identify a parent document by creating just the parent field based on the document date or a field of your choice. Eliminate complex searches to identify attachments

parent child fields, data fields, coded data, export data, attachment ranges, document management

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